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Embracing Opportunities at the 2023 NamesCon Domain Conference in Austin, TX

The 2023 NamesCon Domain Conference held in Austin, marked my ninth consecutive attendance at this esteemed event, although I could only attend June 1st-3rd. As a dedicated participant, I have witnessed the evolution of NamesCon, both in-person and virtually during the challenging times of the pandemic. This year's conference provided ample networking opportunities, and the positive reviews I heard about the panels left me wishing for a way to watch or purchase recordings of the sessions.

Throughout my years of attending NamesCon, the conference has consistently offered exceptional networking opportunities. By engaging with fellow attendees, including industry veterans and newcomers, I have fostered relationships that extend beyond the conference itself. NamesCon has been instrumental in connecting like-minded individuals, facilitating collaborations, and nurturing partnerships that have shaped the domain industry's landscape.

While my participation in panel discussions was limited this year due to conflicting meetings, the feedback I received from other attendees was overwhelmingly positive. NamesCon's panel discussions have consistently delivered insightful and inspiring conversations, providing a platform for industry experts to share their wisdom and discuss emerging trends.

Beyond the conference itself, one cannot overlook the vibrant city of Austin. Known for its lively music scene, vibrant art culture, and breathtaking outdoor spaces, Austin provided an ideal setting for attendees to immerse themselves in the conference atmosphere. Additionally, the after parties, known for their energy and excitement, offered a chance to unwind, connect with fellow participants, and create lasting memories. These gatherings allowed attendees to further strengthen the connections made during the conference while experiencing the unique charm of Austin.

I am incredibly grateful to the conference organizers for their tireless efforts in bringing together such a remarkable event. Their dedication and commitment to creating a platform for industry professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate are truly commendable. The opportunity to attend NamesCon each year is one that I deeply appreciate, as it allows me to expand my knowledge, network with industry peers, and contribute to the domain industry in meaningful ways.

Attending the 2023 NamesCon Domain Conference marked another milestone in my continued engagement with this remarkable event. The networking opportunities it provided have been instrumental in fostering connections and driving collaboration within the domain industry and I look forward to the next one!

Michael Law - Sr Domain Broker

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