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Our goal at Grit Brokerage is to provide world-class customer service for our clients.  Whether we are marketing, negotiating, or acquiring a domain or website, we strive to make the process streamlined and efficient.  We provide the perfect complement to domain owners or companies looking to acquire their online brand so they can specialize in what they do best and hire us for what we do best. 

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As the founder of Grit Brokerage, Brian Harbin spent the first half of his professional career while in college he started his own business selling educational books door to door and spent over 10,000 hours in face to face sales and finished the #1 salesperson out of over 2,600 his final year.  He simultaneously built a multi-million dollar sales organization of 64 college students and became one of the top 10 recruiters in the history of the 140 year old internship program. He graduated college debt free with over 6 figures saved in the bank, traveled to over 17 countries, and honeymooned in New Zealand with his wife for the first 6 months of their marriage.

He went on to spend the next decade building an insurance brokerage firm from scratch with 20+ agents that still generates 8 figures in total premium each year.  After amassing over 40,000 hours of face to face sales and reaching over $1 million in personal sales in 5 different industries including real estate and advertising sales, he pivoted his skills to brokering domain names where he closed the 14th largest domain sale of all time with and is currently regarded as one of the top domain brokers in the world.  

As a father of 3 boys (14, 9, and 6), he has coached over 24 seasons of football/basketball and has a passion for coaching and instilling mental toughness in young people.

Domain Broker of the Year nominee - THE Domain Conference 2015

Learn more about our sales philosophy on our podcast interview: 


Michael Law, another practicing partner, has over 13 years of domain industry and sales experience. Known as a people person with a background in direct sales and finance, he is easy to communicate with, a great listener and problem solver with extensive knowledge of the Internet landscape. He understands the power of a great brand and why pairing that with a premium domain name is one of the most important tasks for business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.Michael organized well attended domain industry events in Denver (RMDC 2011-2013) as well as launched and authored the popular domain news blog Beyond his online endeavors, he loves spending time with his family, traveling and gardening. He also enjoys the great outdoors - hiking, photography and snowboarding in his home state of Colorado are among his favorite activities.


Maureen Sullivan, (President of is a seasoned Business Executive bringing
over 16 years of domain industry knowledge, and sales/valuation expertise to help internet
start-ups and major companies around the world to find the BEST brand domain for their
Maureen has In-depth experience with premium domain name sales from 5-7 figures USD,
pricing top level domain portfolios, domain acquisition success, and brand strategy for startups.
She has a proven track record in helping start-ups to major companies exceed their revenue
goals via her leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
When not dealing with domains, Maureen is an award winning author, nature photographer,
traveler, and believer in meditation and all things spiritual.

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