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One Word -ed (Past Tense) .COM Domains on the Rise

Other than perhaps one or two character domains, one word .coms are the most valuable digital assets that investors or businesses can own and utilize. Top one word .com domains are commanding prices into the 8 figures USD and these scarce plots of Internet real estate will continue to rise in value as everyday more people access and build their businesses online.

Of course, not every one word .com will command a massive price as there are many variations to each word (singular, plural, past tense, past participle) and suffix derivations like -ly, -full, -fy, -ize, -ness. Our job as premium domain brokers is to analyze the market and understand what types of words are most used and will command the highest prices. By far simple, singular words are the most valuable domains to own, they make the best brands and are the easiest to pronounce and spell.

A category of one word domains that we have seen on the rise are past tense words ending in -ed. These types of domains have been commanding higher prices and are being used heavily as alternative to singular word .coms. It is safe to assume that in many cases the past tense domains are much more affordable than their singular .com counterparts (or those are already in use). However, more and more brands seem to be very content with their one word -ed ending names. Below is a list of several examples that we found in use. Among these you will also find large corporations like Booking, HP, Foursquare and H&M that have acquired and are utilizing relevant past tense domains. - Capital Mortgage Advisors - Microfocus - Branding agency - Life Alert - IOT co - Fitness centers - Home chef startup - IT co - Crafted plastics - Peeled snacks - Powered Office - Gannett subsidiary - Planned concierge - Robyn Andrews Art - Security testing - Law firm news - Apparel brand - Automated claims - Optimization solution - Foursquare - Real estate brokerage - Dance Centre - Multimedia browser - Contrib - Review service - Cosmetics company - Elevated internet marketing - SSL provider - Auditing assessments - Domain backordering - Korean gaming site - Web development - Email marketing - Marie Claire fashion brand - Foursquare - USA Today - Hiring company - H&M clothing line -

Here at Grit Brokerage we’ve sold several -ed domains pushing into the mid five figures USD including, and Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Marketing is a top domain investor and has shared two impressive sales of -ed domains already this year moving for $40,000 and at $45,000. Braden owns many amazing singular one word domains but also has several more great -ed .coms such as,, and

As more and more of these domains get scooped up by companies and put to use, we expect to see prices continue to increase on the best remaining ones. Currently, we’re marketing several great -ed domains for sale such as,,, and several others. Are there other brands you use on a regular basis that operate on a past tense one word .com? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

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