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11 Recent Domain Name Upgrade Acquisitions Revealed on Twitter

I have been using Twitter for over a decade, it is a great networking tool but also where I find a lot of domain industry updates, news and announcements. One of, if not the best account to follow to track premium domain names that have recently been sold or changed hands is that of Jamie Zoch (@DotWeekly). Jamie is a domain sleuth and every month uncovers dozens of domain assets that have moved into or out of corporate accounts. James Iles (@JamesIles) who recently started a domain industry blog at has been digging up some big domain moves and sharing them on Twitter as well.

It is great for our industry that these passionate domain investor veterans share their findings on a social media platform like Twitter because by hashtagging certain keywords and @companies it makes the tweets highly visible. Tweets are timestamped, easily shareable and ones that get a lot of traction can get thousands or tens of thousands of views in one day.

Okay, onto the good stuff! Below are 11 confirmed domain name upgrades revealed in the last 30 days, domains they upgraded from in (parentheses). & acquired by Evolution Gaming Limited ( acquired by Stash Financial Inc. ( acquired by Noho Solutions Inc. ( acquired by Ezra AI, Inc. ( acquired by GAIM Immersive Technology Group ( acquired by Plato Design for Rebrand ( acquired by Partner Base ( acquired by Fire Hydrant Inc. ( acquired by Hub Security Limited ( acquired by West Mountain ( acquired by Procter & Gamble brand (

#12 is a bonus, not an upgrade but simply a smart acquisition by a large corporation: acquired by Bacardi & Company Limited (

Thanks Jamie and James for all the hard work and for sharing. If you haven’t already be sure to follow Jamie and James on Twitter to stay updated on domain name movements:

Also, feel free to follow myself and our Grit Brokerage account as well:

Michael Law - & Grit Brokerage -

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