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Domain Trends and Predictions for 2022

In case you missed the Domain Name Wire 2022 predictions podcast, Grit Brokerage founder, Brian Harbin contributed to the podcast with our 2022 predictions (FF to 19:54 to hear Brian’s predictions).

We wanted to summarize our thoughts on trends and predictions for this year in a blog post and add a few more ideas on how the domain market will continue to evolve in 2022:

  • Short, concise one word .COMs continue to trend up along with the demand and sale prices for these scarce assets.

  • As we worked through and observed growth in all sectors of the domain aftermarket, in general sales volume will continue to increase this year and not only on top tier domains.

  • In 2021 we had the highest ever sales for all alternative cc/gTLDs such as .ORG, .IO, .CO, .XYZ and .AI. One word domains in these extensions should continue to command even higher sale prices in 2022 as they gain more mainstream adoption.

  • Additional TLD’s we’ve seen significantly higher sale prices and volume for include .VC, .GG, and .APP. We’re expecting premium names in these extensions to perform well this year.

  • Rise of Web3, NFT, Metaverse, VR, AR Gaming and other new technologies that are crypto native will drive demand for decentralized blockchain domains. We’re keeping a close eye on if and when they’ll be seamlessly integrated into the root zone.

  • Mainstream investors and businesses are more open to the idea that digital assets with utility need to be in their portfolio and domains will continue to grow as an asset class.

  • As usual there will be many opportunities for smart and patient domain investors that have capital ready to deploy.

  • (Not on Pod) Fractional ownership of high value domain names has become a reality with the first domain selling out last month on Rally Rd. We’ll likely see more interest in buying and selling domains in this fashion, especially once shares of sold domains start trading.

We hope you enjoy the predictions and take away some nuggets that will help your productivity and sales this year! We’re also always open to feedback on topics you would like to read about on a domain blog? Feel free to comment or email us.

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