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Five Letter, One Syllable, One Word .Coms Used in Business

This morning while at Discount Tire getting new tires for my wife's car, I asked the salesman I was working with if they had any additional discount or promo codes available. We searched the online together from his computer and found a promo code, to see if it worked we needed to add the tires into the shopping cart at Discount Tire's website. The salesman quickly typed in and it resolved to "Wait! Discount Tire owns" I exclaimed. He confirmed and upon further questioning from me, he said that it makes it faster for him to access their company website and that he usually tells customers to go there too for the same reason and because it prevents misspelling. Yet another perfect example of a company that 'gets it' and has acquired the best possible domain that is the product they specialize in. I'm actually surprised that I hadn't realized (or remembered) that this name was owned by Discount Tire as they have owned it and the singular version since around 2014. By owning and using and Discount Tire has positioned itself as the authority in the tire business online which is appropriate as they are the world's largest tire retailer with over 1060 stores and growing. It is also great to see that their employees appreciate the clout and efficiency that utilizing a category killer domain provides. Below are just a few additional examples of five letter one word .coms that are owned and (for the most part) put to use by large corporations: - Berkshire Hathaway - (boston globe) - - Procter & Gamble - - SalesForce - - Here at Grit Brokerage, we represent some of the best five letter, one word .coms on the market today. Actually, we've found new homes for three of them already this year., and As you can see, one of the major worldwide knife manufacturers in the world, Cold Steel was the buyer for Knife. Other five letter words we're currently working on include,, and We're confident these premium domains will eventually be put to good use by a company like is and are excited to be working with such valuable assets on behalf of our clients. Authored by: Michael Law, Grit Brokerage Domain Broker

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