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Grit Brokerage at NamesCon 2022 - Why Attend a Domain Conference?

After a two year hiatus, NamesCon Global the domain industry’s largest annual conference will be back to an in person show. Running from August 30th-September 3rd, NamesCon will feature a ton of great keynotes, discussions, a domain auction and ICA events.

Grit Brokerage will be there with our Founder, Brian Harbin and Senior Domain Broker, Michael Law heading to Austin, Texas for the meetup. If you’re interested in meeting up with either of us, feel free to contact us to schedule a time to chat. We’ve always felt the domain industry has been full of welcoming people and enjoy meeting and speaking with domain investors, brokers and other industry participants at these events.

If you’re on the fence about attending this year, we would recommend trying to make it! Whether you’re a part time domain investor or an avid domain expert, there are always great connections and fun events at NamesCon shows. This year, the agenda is packed full of great panels, breakout sessions, master classes and after parties. The great thing about NamesCon is that they are committed to providing content for all facets of the domain industry - whether your specialty is domain monetization, flipping, high end negotiations or blockchain domains they have if covered.

NamesCon Global is a show that debuted in 2014 as a meetup put on by prominent domain investor Richard Lau and was held at the Tropicana in Las Vegas for several years. The show grew very quickly and was sold to WebHostingDays, which was then acquired by GoDaddy. Last year, the world’s largest registrar sold NamesCon Global to Cloudfest who currently operates the conference. We’re looking forward to how the show evolves this year and beyond.

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