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Grit Brokerage Domains Sold Report

While a lot of our domain transactions and prices have not been publicly reported this year, we thought it would be helpful to share some of the names we’ve recently brokered the sale of. Below are eight different types of domains that we have either helped companies acquire or have sold from our inventory over the last few months. We only included names that are already in use to make it more interesting. - One word .com - Two word, alliterative .com - Three words, keyword .com - Four letter .com, acronym - One word, one syllable four letter .co - One word .io, adjective - One word .ai, noun/adjective - Two word, .org, brandable - One word .xyz, adjective

The list shows the variety of types of domains we sell on a regular basis. We deal mainly with .COM as they are still by far the most sought after domains. Depending on the type of name, anything from a three letter to a one, two or three word .COM can be very valuable and there’s always demand for the best ones.

Several of these sales were also alternative extensions like .IO, .CO, .AI, .ORG and .XYZ. We highlighted these specifically because they are the most common extensions other than .COM in which we see consistent sales. Most of the names we’ve sold outside of .COM are one word or short, intuitive domains.

Businesses, individuals and organizations can always benefit from premium domains and we’re seeing more and more of them acquire these digital assets as part of their online brand or marketing strategy. Hopefully you enjoyed the read or found this report helpful!

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1 Comment

Feb 26, 2023

Thank you for sharing such a useful article. This is one of the most helpful & well-written blog posts I've seen from a domain broker.

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