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The Nitty Gritty - Interview with Jean-Pierre,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss As domain brokers, we always enjoy getting to hear how companies we’ve helped acquire premium domains have put them to good use. We also know that by sharing your story, you will help other brands understand the process and importance of upgrading their domain.

* Can please tell us about and what you do: is currently still not live, but the goal is to build out tools and share blueprints to help those who want a cleaner earth to take steps as individuals and as a group.

* How did you know it was time to acquire or upgrade to this domain? If you upgraded, what domain did you move from?

I honestly just want to breathe Clean air, drink and swim in clean water and leave a clean earth for future humans including my child.

* What were the main challenges you were able to overleap by acquiring a premium domain as opposed to a hand registered or longer url?

The purpose of acquiring was to carry weight and have those who come across us take a beat and say let me take a closer look, perhaps there’s something to this. With stopping power you turn heads, grab attention and hopefully share something new.

* Did you have experience in purchasing premium domains in the past or was this a new endeavor for you? When did you first learn or utilize the power of a premium domain?

Well experience is subjective, but I’ve been acquiring domains of all sorts from as early as 2000 so a reasonable conclusion would be yes, I have some experience. I’m much more experienced in buying operating entities with a wide consumer base and an ongoing purpose.

* How did you know that was going to propel your company forward? For example, you knew a shorter domain would save money on marketing, or lead to capturing more traffic, or make it easier to remember and promote, etc.

I didn’t know, and still don’t. It’s a hope and see approach, with a heck of a lot of work in between.

* Was there pushback internally with your partners or board on spending a significant amount of money on a domain, and if so, then how was it overcome?

A benefit of being the sole decision maker with my personal capital I don’t have to convince anyone, but frankly many people assumed I was nuts for paying so much for a domain, and a .org at that. Only time will tell if the capital was allocated well.

* From the time you purchased the domain until now, what are some of the benefits you have already seen? Other positives from acquisition that you weren’t expecting?

Besides the cool factor with some close friends, since I haven’t launched anything of importance on the domain yet and its still in production it will take some more time to get this into the world. It’s wait and see til then.

* How was the process of buying the domain through Grit Brokerage? Did working with a professional broker help streamline the process?

The team at Grit was quite responsive, helpful and I felt genuine and forthright throughout the transaction. I certainly don’t envy them, it’s a tough gig to be a broker, much less in todays day and age where anywhere you turn there’s a broker/guru/expert of some sorts. I do try and set a good example for what a pleasant counter party should look like and thus focus on setting a high bar for future parties anyone I deal with has now set in their mind. Was the process streamlined, I’d say yes, not having to go back and forth with the seller directly has its benefits certainly.

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