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The Nitty Gritty - Interview with

Here at Grit Brokerage we offer a domain acquisition program, and we recently had a chance to interview one of our clients that upgraded their domain name. As domain brokers, we always enjoy getting to hear how our clients have put a premium domain to good use. We also know that by sharing a buyer's story, it will help other brands understand the process and importance of upgrading their domain. Here is the interview with our client:

First, tell us about and what you do:

Reggie is a wellness brand for dog that sells vet-approved, all-natural soft chew supplements.

How did you know it was time to upgrade your domain and what domain did you move from?

We’d be eyeing since we launched the business and wanted to acquire it before we gained too much traction. We moved from

Please share with us the tipping point on how you knew it was time to start the process of upgrading?

The business started to see some traction and we were launching some new initiatives and felt it was the right time to acquire the domain.

What were there challenges you started facing where you knew it was time to change your domain?

We had to work with our developers to make sure we were prepared to shift over to the new domain once it was acquired.

Did you have experience in purchasing premium domains in the past or was this a new endeavor for you? Or when did you first learn the power of a premium domain?

I had limited experience with premium domains, mostly on the sales side as I previously was involved in a few transactions. I learned the power of a premium domain through my father’s ecommerce business.

How did you know that upgrading your domain was going to propel your company forward? For example, you knew a shorter domain would save money on marketing, or lead to capturing more traffic, or make it easier to remember and promote, etc.

We felt that upgrading our domain would make it much easier to remember and share and create more legitimacy for the brand. We also thought it would help reduce confusion with people thinking the brand was called Hello Reggie and not just Reggie.

Was there pushback internally or with the board on spending significant budget on a domain, and if so, then how was it overcome?

Fortunately our team and investors were fully on board with acquiring the domain.

From the time you purchased the domain until now, what are some of the benefits you have already seen? Any benefits from the upgrade that you weren’t expecting?

We’ve seen an increase in organic traffic and word of mouth customers. An unexpected benefit was some efficiencies on Google spend as less people need to google our brand to figure out the URL as they can just go to directly.

How was the process of buying the domain through Grit Brokerage? Did having a professional broker helped streamline the process?

The process with Grit Brokerage was great. We previously tried to acquire the domain ourselves directly from the seller without success. After working with Grit for a few weeks, they were able to help us negotiate a price for the domain and smoothly close the deal. Having a broker definitely helped streamline and made us more legitimate to the seller as we had a professional on our side.

For more information on the Grit Brokerage acquisition program, you can find more information here.

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