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What is The Internet Worth? Taking Bids Starting at $35M

The Internet has grown into the most massive network that businesses, organizations, governments and world citizens connect on every day. It would be impossible to measure the value of the entire internet and of course, it wouldn’t be measured solely based on the sale of That said, the iconic domain name which was sold for $18M in 2009 has been listed for sale again this year, now with a $35M opening offer. The domain had reportedly received 9 opening bids with intent and interest and an auction was scheduled for the end of last month. However, the auction was suspended and the seller is now talking to the highly motivated parties.

One word .COMs like definitely have potential for mid or higher 8 figure (xx,xxx,xxx.00) sales. Another massive sale of a one word generic this year already that is speculated to be in 8 figure range is also sold for $30M in 2019. We’re expecting a slew of sales in this range to continue to be reported as premium .COM domains are hotter than ever right now.

So, if is worth $35M or potentially more, what is the value of People say ‘the internet’ almost every time when mentioning the word ‘internet’. The keyword has very high search volume and an $11.00 CPC. While one word .COM domains account for the top domain sales annually, The+Keyword .COM domains are also very strong brands and valuable domains. Domains like have exchanged hands for $500k and is still used even after acquiring from our brokerage in 2018 for $3.5M. currently redirects to

The+Keyword .COM domains are very easy to remember and make great stand alone brands like,,, and so many more. Many huge brands are also using them as forwarders like ---> WWE, ---> Lowes, ---> Apple, ---> InfoWorld, ThePlatform ---> Comcast, ---> iHeartMedia to name a few.

In case any of our readers are interested, we’re brokering the sale of and This is the first time the pair of domains are being actively marketed for sale. Both are aged gems (1994 and 1995 registrations) and are available to acquire for a fraction of the price of the one word counterparts. If you have interest in acquiring or contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you on placing a bid for either or both domains.

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